Solar Products

Problem Statment # 01
Is an essential concern for people who are always on the go. ​
Problem Statment # 02
Carbon Footprints
A major reason for global warming
Problem Statment # 03
Billboards boring, non-targeted, non-interactive advertising content. ​

Solution Statement

A Line Of Renewable Energy Powered Products To Provide Free Access To Mobile Devices Charging & Interactive Advertising Channel While Helping The Environment

Charge anywhere, anytime On The Go

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Targeting Desired Audience


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Charged SmartPhones
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Solar Umbrella

Resting under the umbrella while having access to Wi-Fi & smartphone charging by retrofitting solar panels to the umbrellas

Smartphone Charging Station

It allows people to have access to Wi-Fi & charge their smartphones in highly secured lockers. This product leads to high traffic rate which could be effectively used as a targeted advertisement method.

Solar Table

Enjoying time with friends or family without worrying to charge your smartphone,laptops or protable speakers.Not only that but access to Wi-Fi & automatic night ligthing is also available.

Solar Pergola

Retrofitting solar panels to the pergola will allow access to Wi-Fi & smartphones charging 24/7.The pergola lights automatically at night.

Solar Bus Station

People waiting for their bus to arrive will have access to smartphone charging & Wi-Fi access.

Solar Bench

Always looking for a plug nearby to charge your smartphone or laptop while sitting on a bench is no longer a hassle.Along with Wi-Fi access.

Solar Fence Lights

Home owners will Light up their fence using 100% solar energy

Solar Sidewalk Lights

Home owners will Light up their sidewalk using 100% solar energy.

Solar Garden Lights

Home owners will Light up their garden using 100% solar energ