Solar Products



Problem Statment # 01

Is an essential concern for people who are always on the go.​


Carbon Footprints

Problem Statment # 02

A major reason for global warming



Problem Statment # 03

Billboards boring, non-targeted, non-interactive advertising content.​

Solution Statement

A Line Of Renewable Energy Powered Products To Provide Free Access To Mobile Devices
Charging & Interactive Advertising Channel While Helping The Environment

Targeting Desired Audience

Targeting Desired Audience

Charge anywhere, anytime On The Go

Charge anywhere, anytime On The Go

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprint


12.4 MWH

+ 90 K
Charged SmartPhones

6.4 Tons

  • Solar Umbrella
  • Smartphone Charging Station
  • Solar Table
  • Solar Pergola
  • Solar Bus Station
  • Solar Bench
  • Solar Sidewalk Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights

Solar Umbrella

Resting under the umbrella while having access to Wi-Fi & smartphone charging by retrofitting solar panels to the umbrellas


Smartphone Charging Station

It allows people to have access to Wi-Fi & charge their smartphones in highly secured lockers. This product leads to high traffic rate which could be effectively used as a targeted advertisement method.


Solar Table

Enjoying time with friends or family without worrying to charge your smartphone,laptops or protable speakers.Not only that but access to Wi-Fi & automatic night ligthing is also available.


Solar Pergola

Retrofitting solar panels to the pergola will allow access to Wi-Fi & smartphones charging 24/7.The pergola lights automatically at night.


Solar Bus Station

People waiting for their bus to arrive will have access to smartphone charging & Wi-Fi access.


Solar Bench

Always looking for a plug nearby to charge your smartphone or laptop while sitting on a bench is no longer a hassle.Along with Wi-Fi access.

Solar Sidewalk Lights

Home owners will Light up their sidewalk using 100% solar energy.


Solar Garden Lights

Homeowners will Light up their garden using 100% solar energy.